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There is a vast network of stewards of life.

 When you see something that should not be happening to birds and other wildlife or to water, plants, and air, there is someone to call.  When your heart comes to tell you to get outside and remember what simply is, go.  There are numbers to call to play, to learn, to volunteer.
 Your greatest responsibility is to life.  You can help.  Call!  You will be rewarded.

Ballona Wetlands        LA City & County EMERGENCY #s         HOTLINES


Friends of Ballona Wetlands    



Edith Read


FWM Manager, Edith Read and Associates



California Department of Fish and Game


CDFG Emergency Contact

Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA)


MRCA Emergency Contact
MRCA Non-Emergency Ranger Services

International Security


Security Officer On Duty,
Patrol West of Lincoln (not in Area C)



City of Los Angeles    County of Los Angeles

In the event of a watershed spill or contaminant
getting into our storm drain system call:

LA County Dept of Public Works Flood Control: 
888-253-2652  (888-CLEAN-LA)

A local number to call for hazardous materials, chemical discharges, or illegal spills:

LA County Fire Department Health Haz Mat
(Emergency Response Coordinator ERC)

323-890-4317   M-F 7A-5P,    323-881-2455 
(all other times  LA County Fire Dispatch)

They are “First Responders” to a scene, authorized to contact
all other local, state and federal government agencies.

In the event of a watershed spill or contaminant getting into Rivers, Creeks, Marshes or Ocean: Office of Emergency Services (OES):  800-852-7550

This one state number will set all local, state and federal government agencies
into motion per an EPA mandate).

ONLY in the event of
call:  911

Los Angeles Police - NON-EMERGENCY response: 
 877-275-5273  (877-ASK-LAPD)

Los Angeles Police - Pacific Division:
NON-EMERGENCY response:  310-482-6334

Culver City Police – NON-EMERGENCY response:  310-837-1221



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hummingbirds  squirrels   gophers   oil   raccoons  
raptors   seals    sea lions    spills  waste  west nile virus  wild animals  and more ...

  1. Bat Rescue in Poway:  858-679-0211 - rehabilitation of bats only (or go to www.batrescue.org)

  2. California Coastal Commission (CCC):  562-590-5071 - South Coast District Office

  3. California Wildlife Center CWC-in Malibu:  818-222-2658 - injured or orphaned native wildlife coyotes, fawns

  4. California Wildlife Center CWC-Hospital:  818-591-9453 - M-Su 8A-6P, 310-458-9453  emergency after hours

  5. City of LA Sanitation Stormwater Hotline:  800-974-9794 - spills, abandoned waste

  6. City of Malibu:  310-456-2489 x 275

  7. City of Santa Monica:  310-458-8235

  8. Center for Disease Control (CDC):  800-232-4636  800-CDC-INFO-- (Avian Influenza Bird Flu - more below)

  9. Heal the Bay:  800-432-5229 800-HEALBAY-CA only, or 310-451-1500

  10. LA City Animal Services:  888-452-7381, press 1+4+4 for West LA-- domestic or wild animal care in the City

  11. LA County Dept of Animal Care and Control:  310-523-9566 - domestic or wild animal care in the County

  12. LA County Dept of Beaches and Harbors:  310-305-9591

  13. LA County Dept of Health Services Hotline:  800-427-8700 (Avian Influenza Bird Flu)

  14. LA County Dept of Public Works Flood Control - 83rd Street Yard: (323-776-7610)

  15. LA County Flood Control Hotline:  800-675-4357  (dispatch)

  16. LA County Vector Control:  818-364-9589 - mosquito control

  17. Hummingbirds Only:  310-326-8196 - rehabilitation of hummingbirds only  (Jean the hummingbird lady)

  18. International Bird Rescue Research Center (IBRRC):  310-514-2573 or 2574 - oiled birds, (more oiled birds) aquatic birds, seabirds

  19. Marina del Rey Harbor Patrol Hotline:  310-823-7762

  20. Marine Mammal Care Center:  310-548-5677 - hospital for sick, injured, and orphaned seals and sea lions

  21. Oiled Wildlife Care Network (OWCN):  530-752-4167 - for oiled birds M-F 8A-5P

  22. Oil Spill Response Veterinarian Pager:  916-556-7509 - for oiled birds after hours

  23. Redondo Beach Harbor Patrol:  310-318-0632

  24. Santa Monica Baykeeper Hotline:  877-422-2627  (877-4CA-COASt)

  25. South Bay Wildlife Rehab SBWR):  310-378-9921 - birds of prey, raptors, owls, songbirds, raccoons, squirrels

  26. Squirrelmender Sharron Baird):  805-498-8653 – small mammals, squirrels, mice, gophers, etc.

  27. West Coast Oil Spill Hotline:  800-645-7911  (800-OILS-911)

  28. West Nile Virus Hotline:  877-968-2473  (877-WNV-BIRD)

  29. Whale Rescue Team:  800-399-4253  800-39-WHALE-- whales, sea mammals, seals, sea lions, and sea birds

  30. Wild Birds Unlimited in Torrance:  310-326-2473 - for bird seed, advice on where to take sick or injured birds

  31. WildRescue: 866-945-3911 866-WILD-911-– serving LA, Santa Barbara, Ventura counties

  32. US Coast Guard (local):  310-732-2044

  33. US Coast Guard National Response Center:  800-424-8802

  34. Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center of Orange County (WWCC):  714-374-5587 - rehabilitate native wildlife

  35. Wildlife Care of Ventura County of Simi Valley (Anna):  805-581-3911 – coyotes, bobcats, corvids

As of August, 2011