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bugs, by Lisa

Go Native
that's what it's all about.

If birds could drive cars, they'd have LISA license plates.

all together now:  color, smell, damp, dry, growth, love, song, peace, chirp, buzz, hum



These will take a second to load.  Exhale, drop your shoulders and see if you can hear a bird or a star.  Then I can tell you what you want to know about these native plants and color ...

native plants native color
Vandenberg Manzanita Tidy Tips
Toyon Globe Gilia and Poppies
 Holly-leaf Cherry Baby Blue Eyes

Creme Cups
 Konocti Manzanita closeup  
 White Sage California Fuchsia

White-flowering Currant

 Blue Ceanothus

Red Columbine

Cleveland Sage


 Konocti Manzanita in bloom




Wooly Blue Curls


Yellow Tree Lupine

Coyote Bush 'Pigeon Point'

Yellow-eyed Grass

Indian Mallow


Western Dog Violet

St Catherine's Lace with Bushtit birds inside Orange Monkey Flower

all photos by Lisa







Water brings Birds
Want a pond or waterfall in your backyard?
Lisa partners with
Sierra Pacific Designs

Click here to see the video aired on the CBS network May 15th 2008.

Birdies at Water Features

Wilson's Warbler                                           Lazuli Bunting                          Lawrence's Goldfinches 



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